Band saw

The band saw allows the edging and fretting.
It is a table saw that can be electric or pneumatic.

To make straight cuts, several types of mechanical saws can be used:
The saber saw,
The jigsaw,
The circular saw,
The double blade saw,
The saw blade,
The band saw.
Band saw: cutting wood and its derivatives

The band saw is a table saw that allows the cutting of wood and its derivatives.
The steel band turns on itself and allows to perform various operations, in particular:
The edging of wooden trays,
The fretwork.

Its main advantage, compared with the circular saw in particular, is its high cutting height.
On the other hand, it is very bulky because of its size.
Operation of the band saw: a high-performance saw

The band saw has several elements:
Multiple types of band saw: as required

There are several kinds of band saws:
Vertical band saw, widely used for sawing contours,
Horizontal band saw, ideal for cutting,
Pendular band saw,
Precision band saw for model execution.
Namely: a lapping of the band saw is necessary to promote the life of the machine.
The band saw: complex use

The band saw is for professional use only.
The band saw requires specific knowledge and skills.
At a certain level of performance, its operation is computerized.
To operate it, it is imperative to comply with the operating instructions and to observe the safety instructions.
Price of a band saw: from 100 €

The band saw is above all professional.
Its price is very high and varies slightly depending on the performance chosen.
top vertical band saw portable band saw reviews They are also found in large DIY stores, but with somewhat lesser performances.
Overall, it is between 100 € and 500 €.

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